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Gift Card terms and conditions

A STONE BAR AND GRILL gift card entitles the STONE-addict to goods equal to the amount stated on the card. The STONE-dollar value on the card includes GST.
You can select any number of mouth-watering items up to the value of the card, or above the value if you make up the difference with an alternative form of payment.
STONE BAR AND GRILL will not be liable for lost or stolen gift cards.
A STONE BAR AND GRILL gift card: is not redeemable for cash; is valid from 1 year from the date of issue; will be void and may not be redeemed after expiry date.
STONE BAR AND GRILL gift cards purchased prior to 31st March 2020 will have an expiry date of 12 months.
Cash will not be given for any unused balance. Unused balance on the expiry of the card will not be refunded or credited. STONE-Addicts are liable for all transactions on this card except to the extent to which there has been fraud or negligence by us or and of our STONE STAFF.
We reserve the right to change any Ts and Cs. The gift card can be redeemed at participating STONE BAR AND GRILL restaurants in MELTON VIC only. Enjoy STONE-CARD responsibly.

Contacting Us
The contact details for your feedback is as follows:

* Restaurant Phone: 13000STONE
* Address: 240 High Street, Melton 3337 VIC Australia
* Email: Info@stonebarandgrill.com.au
* Website: www.stonebarandgrill.com.au

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